imageFORMULA CR-series SDK

Allows for direct, low-level integration with imageFORMULA CR-series. NDA is required and restrictions may apply. Please note that ISVs are encouraged to integrate Canon imageFORMULA CR-series via Ranger API, developed by Silver Bullet Technology, Inc. ( The Ranger API is bundled with all imageFORMULA CR-series, and its development support is provided directly by Silver Bullet Technology, Inc. at free of charge.

This document serves as a reference for third party developers when they use the SDK and .NET SDK to develop applications to configure and operate the Canon CR-25, CR-55, CR-120, CR-150, CR-180, CR-180II, CR-135i, CR-190i, CR-190i II, CR-50 or CR-80 Check Transport scanner. Sample codes are provided for C/C++ and C# users.

About the SDK
The SDK contains the SDK Specification DOC file, driver installer, and sample codes. When you run the driver installer, it installs the following driver files depending on the model of the Canon scanner.

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