About Premium Membership

The Premium Program is intended for organizations whose work is of strategic interest to Canon.

Premium membership is designed to provide support for Developers directly involved in the creation of custom solutions for Canon products.

Premium Membership is limited to the Americas.

Our decision to provide these tools to you will be based primarily on our understanding of the nature and purpose of your development project. Additionally, we will need to make a determination of your ability to use the materials and of the amount of support that you are likely to require.

If we provide information to you, we will support your development efforts to the best of our ability, based on our then current workload. We can not guarantee any specific level of support or a set time-frame for attempting to resolve any problems that you may encounter.

Further, we provide these materials to you with the understanding that your organization possesses the skills necessary to accomplish your development project.

To develop applications that are to be used with MEAP, a developer must be proficient in Java Programming.

A developer should also understand the concepts involved in Networked Multi-Function device capabilities and operations.

Our support to you will consist primarily of resolving issues related to the Canon information, materials or technologies.

If accepted, you will be required to sign a Developer License Agreement and other agreements as appropriate to your request.

To request an upgrade to Premium Membership or to obtain more information on the benefits of the Premium Membership Program, please log in.