CaptureOnTouch SDK

CaptureOnTouch Plugin SDK CaptureOnTouch is an application that provides ease-of-use scanning. CaptureOnTouch enables buttons on a scanner to allocate to variable functions. Functions supported by CaptureOnTouch are as follows:
  • Scan to Folder:           Scan images and Save them to a specified destination
  • Scan to Print:             Scan images and Print them
  • Scan to Email:            Scan images and attach them to an email
  • Scan to Application:    Scan images and push them to a specified application
CaptureOnTouch Plug-In enables you to add unique functions to Capture OnTouch in addition to the functions mentioned above. The CaptureOnTouch Plug-In SDK allows you to create a plug-in to add unique features in to Capture OnTouch The plug-in enables the following:
  1. CaptureOnTouch Plug-in can add unique functions to the “output method selection”.
  2. CaptureOnTouch Plug-In can display the settings dialogue for the functions
  3. CaptureOnTouch Plug-In can execute the functions after scanning
CaptureOnTouch supported models:


To request access to the CaptureOnTouch Plugin SDK, please click here.

Canon CaptureOnTouch Mobile is a free downloadable app that allows users to scan, save, and send paper-based information to other applications, including third-party cloud-based applications. It works with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices to help operate select Canon imageFORMULA mobile and office document scanners. It also allows users to adjust basic scanner settings. CaptureOnTouch Mobile is available from the App StoreSM or from the Google® Play Store. 
The CaptureOnTouch Mobile ToolKit explains how to communicate with ImageFormula document scanners and retrieve scanning images on an iOS or Android device. 
Capture OnTouch Mobile supported devices:

      P-208    w/ WU10
      P-150    w/ WU10
      P-215    w/ WU10
      P-208II     w/WU10
      P-215II     w/WU10
To request access to the CaptureOnTouch Mobile SDK, please click here.